Quanzhou JiMao Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd  . Is a research and development ,Production ,sales service and a Wireless solution ways provider in Quanzhou City ofChina ,As a leading manufacturers of Two way radio ,We are offer clients a wide range of wireless communication devices including DMR radio ,PMR radio ,FRS radio ,WCDMA SIM, GSM radio ,Mobile radio and Accessories Etc .
Our Products are now in compliance with standard such as CE ,FCC ,ROHS and ISO9001:2008 International quality management system . Our company Culture is : Quality is the soul of one enterprise And customers is first ,Chose Us achieve Win-Win Situation .

/ 1W+ Pieces production Each Weeks
/ 2000+Service customers
/ One out of   every 5,000    users of our    brand
Product Advantages

Factory Sales Directly .
Professional sales and R&D team.
OEM and ODM supporters.
Professional after-sales service support team.

Service Idea

Customer first, technology is the first.
Unity and cooperation, truth-seeking and pragmatic.